The Dog Walker- 4/23/2013

At midday, from behind the concrete square building, a folk lift approached the parking lot.  It veered past a 16 wheeler truck by the lumber yard and came towards the front end of the building.  Antonio, a middle-aged Hispanic man stood waiting for him.  “Do you have the receipt?” he said. “Yes!”  Antonio gave him his receipt, glanced at it, then gave it back to him.  “Okay, park your truck over there and i will be right with you.”  “Thank you amigo!”   Around 4pm, he clocked out, got into his car and drove home.

Driving on 405 between 3 and 6pm can be extremely frustrating in Los Angeles.   After sitting 45 minutes on the freeway amid traffic, he took the Sepulveda boulevard exit towards LMU.  From there, he drove straight home to Culver city.   He’s been up since 6am and working minimum wage had sucked the life out of him.  He dragged his 165 pounds, 6’3″ frame up the stairs towards his apartment.  On the kitchen table, a note from his girlfriend read “Please walk the dog! Love you.” He went to the refrigerator, grabbed a beer, turned on the television and sat on the couch.  Butch, their dog, came and sat right next to him…waiting.  “All right! Let’s go boy.” Butch launched out of the couch towards the door barking and wagging his tail anxiously.

At the end of Barrington avenue before Eden park, stood Wong’s liquor store.   He always buys his liquor there every time he walks the dog.  It was a quiet Saturday afternoon- birds were frolicking in the trees absorbing the fading heat of the sunset. People jogged about along the concrete path.  He stood there waiting for Butch as he sniffed about the oak tree.  Dexi- poodles are known for their great sense of smell.   He grabbed a flask from his back pocket and took a shot of Jack.

The day was getting darker and it was harder for him to spot Butch but he never lost sight of him.  Then from a distance, it seemed like a dark figure was approaching with an incredible speed towards his direction.  A young woman was screaming after it as it got louder and louder when she got closer.  All of a sudden, it was too late. The ragged 200 pounds Pit bull clenched its tight jaws around Butch’s neck and violently shook it back and forth like a great white shark upon a helpless seal;  spraying spurs of blood across the dead leaves.  “Oh MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT! DO SOMETHING!” she screamed powerlessly as she attempted to pull her dog away.  On the contrary, he stood  there motionlessly staring at all the commotion.  No one was able to tell what was going on in his head.  Then she screamed again, “HELLO!” at him.  All of a sudden without forethought, he reached under his shirt behind him, grabbed his 9mm Heckler and Koch, and squeezed a bullet right to the dog’s head.  Birds scattered in the air from the sound of the trigger.  Suddenly the world was quiet.  As if something had never happened! Police sirens echoed from a distance.   She looked at him, speechless, then she belched out a huge scream.  Her shriek ended abruptly with another gun shot; ending the surreal moment of beautiful walk in the park.

Altered tranquility – 10/12/2012

South east from my location stood the Oppenheimer Tower overlooking the UCLA skyline. On the rooftop above the 4th floor, i sat and numbly watched the grey overcast hovering over me. A gust of wind rattled the beam of the next door building. I felt a distinct sensation, an euphoric moment, like having an Out of-Body- Experience (OBE). My subconscious mind- altered; an incident worth scribing. Then suddenly-

BOOM!..I’m flying!…drums banging…spAce…BOOM..hollow!…. Zoom in..tunnel..traPPed…small…delaYed……BOOM…. numbers- FLoATing in my head…..CognitivE………Hear myself think…letters floating OFF my page-..Gosh!…BOOM!.. small…breath…woooossshhh!…..Numbness…….(psychologically detached_ ), breath- again…BOOM..—silence- I see my thoughts— literally!….PeaCe…….BLANK!”

I bade my friend goodbye and took the bus home dis-illusion yet satisfied.

It’s very simple: Critical Mass VIII – 09/25/2012

Who invented the Pythagorean theorem?

The Egyptians did; that’s how they build the pyramid.  The greatest contribution that Pythagoras (569-500 B.C.E)  gave to society was the fact that he validated the ancient geometric formula; a2+b2=cMy hero!  This past Sunday, my roommate Meesh, Jillian and i attended a Critical Mass event in Los Angeles arranged by Patrick Webb, a senior technical consultant for  This exercise is based on “the methodology of L’Ecole de Beaux Arts”, an influential art school in France that focus on preserving the idealized form of  “classical antiquities”; a study in classical architecture.  Boring! i thought at first until i was given a blank drawing paper, a compass and a needle pencil.

The class starts at 10am.  Patrick introduced the class with the basic structure in Islamic and Judaic design. Then he went on talking about the transformation of combining numbers, science, nature and beauty into drawings.  I was hooked. I was hooked for the fact that the building blocks of life begins with a simple formula.  Take for an instance, the human DNA and how our genes are constructed in guiding a pre-birth fetus into a large living, functioning, reasoning human being; hence ratio vs. proportional ratio.  In other words, liken a modeled BMW (ratio) to an actual beemer (proportional ratio) at the Mercedes parking lot.  Sizes change but the formula remains the same. As the class progressed, we get into a more complicated discussions  about the different terms and formulas of these proportions.  Here comes the fun part, drawing it-

(sample drawing from Google search)

“In design, it’s very important to draw a square from scratch” said Patrick while i attempted to draw a perfect circle using a compass.  I was mesmerized by the discovery of what three dots and a straight line could do from drawing four interlocked circles while forming a perfect square with equal sizes and measurements.  Islamic designs are known for this technique;

Islamic design                                                                                              Interior of the “Selimiye Mosque(Minar Sinan) Edime, Turkey.

My take on this Critical Mass is drawing.  Drawing to find meaning; meaning to understanding the construction of beauty in our natural environment. What an interesting event!

Critical Mass events are held in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Venice area.  Class instructors rotate every week and so if you’re interested in attending, check out the Facebook site below for our next Critical Mass event;

Where you going? (socratic dialogue) – 06/10/2012

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going where the wind blows!”

“You’re not making any sense.”

“Define making any sense.”

“The wind blows in any direction depend on the constant change in the environment.”


“So you’re not stable.  You’re everywhere.  You’re not grounded.”

“Why do i have to be grounded? I like my own freedom.”

“Freedom is good.  But don’t you wanna get married? have kids? settle down and raise a family?”

“I’d like that someday but obviously at this point in my life… wait a minute! did you say married and kids?”


“Who said that suppose to be the order of things?”

“what do you mean?”

“I mean getting married and have kids!”

“Yes. That’s the law of nature, right? To reproduce?”

“What if i don’t want to? What if i say, just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean i have to? What if i say there’s a lot more in life than marriage and kids?


“Well you see, we only live once right? So, if decide to settle down, I will never get to travel and experience the world we live in.  Because we are so caught up in our parental responsibilities, and not to mention working 40 hours a week?  and on top of that, earning one week vacation a year will not get me anywhere.  Don’t you see? People are blinded by this system of things.”

“What system of things?”

“The government… corporate America!  I want to be free from it.  I’ll work my own hours and when i have time, i can travel at my own expense.”

“And what if you run out of money? What if you’re stuck in Tibet and can’t find your way back home?”

“I’ll survive.  Hell the Dalai Lama did it right? Up there in the Himalayas! Have you seen that movie “Tibet” with Brad Pitt?

Yes I’ve seen it! So let me ask you something.  When the time comes, who’s going to take care of you when you get old?


That’s why people have kids; to carry on our genes with a HOPE that they will fulfill your dreams and their dreams and ultimately their future generations.  We only live once you know! There is an abundant of knowledge out there in our empirical world and therefore there is not enough time to learn all this stuff in one lifetime.  


“You want me to marry Ann?”

“Why not?…

“Hey, where you going?”

Guilty Encounter 3/19/2012

“Let me see that hand.. are you married?”

“No! I’m engaged.”


Her eyes locked into mine, then slowly she turned her head away.  I was frustrated but at the same time felt myself drawn into her exotic appearance; her bridged nose, chiseled lips, piercing eyes and long, thick straight hair was so alluring that i found myself lost..lost in my own sense of reason.


“Why what?”

“Why are you engaged?”

She smiled at me then replied;

“…because he’s good in bed.”

“Hmm.. interesting.  Let’s sit in that corner.”

We hustled our way through the crowd and finally managed to parked ourselves by the roundtable with dark green leather sofa next to the women’s bathroom.

“Why are you here with me then.  Where’s your husband?”

“He’s at home.”

“Where’s home?”


I smiled.  The buddha lounge tune, balancing the soft red light set the tone of an emotionally passionate moment.  I moved in and finally found my lips marriaged into hers.

“I don’t know why I’m doing this.  I can’t do this. I have to go.”

“Ok. Well let’s get out of here.”


Despite the windstorm, we raced along the sand-covered sidewalk  towards the beach.   For the past year and a half that i’ve lived in Venice, I never seen the stars so beautiful at night.

A while later, we laid on the sand speechless and naked; wondering what will happen tomorrow.

Spacing 3/7/2012

I remembered a number of times I’ve held you in my arms.  Your soft, tender, petite body temptingly leaning against my chest while your head flexibly layed on my right shoulder as we swayed to the slow Barrington tone from across the street.  I am now ovulatingly reminiscing that night.  You and I, alone in the middle of Palm avenue in the fog; and then you looked at me.  My heart stopped; then gravitated toward the deep blue ocean circling the iris definition of your soul. Your ginger hair curtained my projection and as I slowly parted it for my viewing pleasure, closed my eyes.  Alas! the beast is finally tamed by a woman. Oh! the taste of your lips like ketchup on vanilla ice cream… a bright light shines through ending the surreal moment of our short intimate encounter.  We rushed across the street.  Ah! it was that taco truck from Washington and Lincoln Blvd on its midnight run to the “The Other Room.”  I remembered two weeks ago when i threw up near the trash can where i had those 3 mariscos tacos..  My phone is ringing! It’s my landlord.  Rent is due- Scheisse! I’ll tell him i don’t have the money and he can go fuck himself.  No can’t do that.  This sucks, I gotta tell ya.  I remembered that time…

Professor Doe: “Jonah?”

Jonah: “Yes!”

Professor Doe: “What do you think?”

Jonah: “What do you think what?”

Professor Doe: “The difference between African-American abolitionist writers; Frederick Douglass’s narrative and Booker T. Washington’s Up from Slavery in terms of who is a better leader in representing the black experience during the post American civil war?”

Jonah: “Well you see, blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah… and that’s how there’s no African slaves in Russia.”

I turned to my note pad and marked a small line after the already marked 7 lines that showed how many times I’ve spaced out during class lecture.

Battling mother nature during the storm 09/04/2011

There’s a reason why you don’t see surfers out there in the water during a huge storm.  That afternoon, I saw a strong back current that eventually formed into a wave.  How do you surf a back wave? It was an ugly sight to see.  A storm was brewing along the California coast for the past couple of days now.  Despite the bad weather, i found myself paddling out there.

After duck diving through the constant bombardment of these 7 foot waves; not to mention battling the strong current that eventually drifted me to about 50 yards from my original position, i was relieved that i finally made it out there.  But i was wayy out there.  No one else was in the water that day.  A strong chill ran down my spine; sharks can sense fear from a mile away.  About 20 yards out, a dark wall of water was building up towards me.  I paddled hard enough to get my 6’4″ board going.  I was right at the leap of the wave, when i planted my left foot forward.  I knew i was going to drop in but within a millisecond decision i  decided to ride the wall.  Bad mistake!  Within a blink of an eye, i was in the dark.  Now freeze that frame.  Then suddenly, my body was getting pulled in every sorts of direction.  I couldn’t tell which was up or down.  I reached for the leash on my right leg but felt nothing.

One of the articles in a surfer magazine once suggested that during a gnarly wipe-out, the best way to conserve air and energy was to relax.  In addition, our brain uses a lot of oxygen in order to maintain it’s daily function.   In this case, psychological fear and panic usually causes drowning; I’m sure there are other major factors as well.

After a little while, my foot reached the bottom sand.  With whatever oxygen i had left, i kicked the bottom and torpedoed towards the surface.  I was running out of oxygen and it took ages for me to get to the top.  Then finally out of the darkness, i saw the light.  My head popped out of the water like a desperate sea lion evading a great-white shark attack.  Finally, a breath of salty air.  Then all of a sudden, i was in the dark again riding the white wash. Only this time i knew which direction was the bottom.

While i surfaced, i saw three lifeguards on the shore.  One of them had my surfboard and waving at me.  They were so far away.  I waved back;

“You knuckleheads! Why are you waving at me? Help!”

As i looked back, i saw another sets of walled out monsters.  It felt like a brick wall when it landed on me, pushing me deeper and deeper under the ocean. I was in the dark again; then  finally i surfaced.  I heard a jetski roaring towards my direction.  What a relief.  Next stop, Jaws.