False Affairs

When i was given the opportunity to co-produce the upcoming feature film “False Affairs” based on a novel written by filmmaker Ian C. Glover, I jumped to the occasion. What interest me about this script is the main character Thomas Finnegan; reminds me of Holden Caulfield from the American classic novel “The Catcher In the […]

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The Dog Walker- 4/23/2013

At midday, from behind the concrete square building, a folk lift approached the parking lot.  It veered past a 16 wheeler truck by the lumber yard and came towards the front end of the building.  Antonio, a middle-aged Hispanic man stood waiting for him.  “Do you have the receipt?” he said. “Yes!”  Antonio gave him […]

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Where you going? (socratic dialogue) – 06/10/2012

“Where are you going?” “I’m going where the wind blows!” “You’re not making any sense.” “Define making any sense.” “The wind blows in any direction depend on the constant change in the environment.” “So?…” “So you’re not stable.  You’re everywhere.  You’re not grounded.” “Why do i have to be grounded? I like my own freedom.” “Freedom […]

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Guilty Encounter 3/19/2012

“Let me see that hand.. are you married?” “No! I’m engaged.” “What?” Her eyes locked into mine, then slowly she turned her head away.  I was frustrated but at the same time felt myself drawn into her exotic appearance; her bridged nose, chiseled lips, piercing eyes and long, thick straight hair was so alluring that i found […]

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